Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Top 11 Home Remedies for Eye Irritation

Irritated eyes or eye irritation can be a result of different types of ailments. This can be due to a variety of reasons. One can use home remedies for eye irritation treatment at home. These remedies are very effective, safe, easy to use, affordable and easily available. Some of the common allergens or irritants include dust, smoke, pollen, micro-organisms (bacteria, virus) or any other foreign particle. In this article, there is a brief discussion on the remedies which one can use for the treatment of eye irritation at home. Let us examine them.

Top 11 home remedies for eye irritation

  1. Cold compress:

    Splash ice water on the face and eyes. Then, take ice packs
    or ice cubes, wrap them in a clean cotton towel and place it on the closed eyelids. This helps relieve the eyelids and irritated eyes.
  2. Eucalyptus oil:

    You can use a steaming towel with one or two drops of eucalyptus oil, as it can bring relief to the irritated eyes. You can also breathe in the steam with eucalyptus oil as it can make you feel much more better.
  3. Cucumber slices:

    This is one of the most common remedies which effectively treats eye irritation and inflammation. Cut two slices of cucumber, place in ice cold water for 10 minutes and later sit on a comfortable chair and place them on your closed eyelids, but don’t lie down. Keep it for a few minutes. This remedy gives relief effectively.
  4. Tea bags:

    After preparing tea with a tea bag, allow it to become cool. While the tea bag remains warm, place it on the eyelids as it gives relief. Or else you can also place the tea bag in ice cold water for 10 minutes and then place it on the eyelids. Either way it works to provide relief from irritated eyes effectively.
  5. Water:

    Drink plenty of water throughout the day and use ice cold water to splash it on the eyes frequently throughout the day. Intake of extra fluids helps to keep the eyes hydrated and wash the eyes frequently to get relief.
  6. Wash contact lenses properly:

    It is important that you wash contact lenses carefully with the prescribed solution to remove dirt as it can also cause eye irritation. Remove them before sleeping as it can cause irritated eyes.
  7. Aloe vera juice:

    soak cotton swabs or a cloth in aloe vera juice and place them on the irritated eyes or use the aloe vera juice to wash your eyes. It helps to soothe your irritated eyes.
  8. Frozen vegetables:

    Freeze vegetables in the freezer and place the frozen vegetables on the eyelids, it effectively relieves irritation in the eyes.
  9. Honey:

    Prepare a honey eyewash by adding 3 tablespoons of honey into 2 cups of boiling water. Once the mixture is cool or when it is slightly warm use this as an eyewash. It also helps soothe the eyes and gives relief.
  10. Artificial tears:

    Eye irritation occurs due to the entry of foreign particles in the eyes, thus by using artificial tears you can moisten the eyes and even flush out those foreign particles.
  11. Cold bread:

    You can place cold bread on the eyes as it helps to reduce irritation, itchiness and inflammation in the eyes.
The above listed are some of the home remedies for eye irritation. These remedies work effectively, but never use all the remedies at one time and use one remedy at a time. If any remedy doesn’t suit you, avoid its use and continue with the others or consult your eye specialist if the condition worsens. These remedies are very helpful to soothe irritated eyes.

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